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BFF8: Eighth Bayesian, Fiducial & Frequentist Conference, May 3-5, 2023

The Eighth Bayesian, Fiducial and Frequentist conference (BFF8) will be held on May 3-5, 2023, at the University of Cincinnati, OH, USA. The focus of this year’s conference is on the foundations, philosophies, methodologies, applications, and ethical principles for data analytics in science and business. This year, we are fortunate to bring together bring together a diverse group of experts and thought leaders from different backgrounds and perspectives, all in one place. Check out the full list of confirmed speakers on the website

The BFF8 conference aims to create a platform for statisticians, philosophers, probabilists, business and healthcare domain experts, and industry leaders to collaborate, discuss and explore the challenges of statistical inference in today’s data-centric world. With a focus on the Bayesian, Fiducial, and Frequentist approaches towards statistical inference and its applications, we aim to provide a firm foundation to overcome the complexity arising from the philosophical issues surrounding BFF foundations.

This year’s conference will cover the latest developments in philosophy, computation, methodology, data infrastructure, ethical principles and applications related to reconciling interpretational perspectives and refining our understanding of uncertainties and evidential support. We will also examine the reasoning behind different statistical inference procedures, ensuring that they meet the norms of theory choice, such as simplicity, naturalness, robustness, and truth-conduciveness.

Join us for BFF8 to gain a deeper understanding of the competing paths in statistics to discuss and collaborate on the best approaches towards inference. For more details and updates, please visit our website We can’t wait to see you in Cincinnati!